March 28, 2016

Dear Georgia Society Members,

There are some changes I want to make everyone aware of in our administrative staff. Donna, at her request, will no longer be serving as the Executive Director of the Georgia Society. Donna Adamson will continue to be our Director of the Harper Fowlkes House. She has done a marvelous job over the years promoting the Harper Fowlkes House and opening it for tours and social functions.

I would like to introduce Beth Owens, who will become our Executive Director of the Society and take over the administrative and social responsibilities. Beth has considerable experience as an administrator with organizations like ours. Also, she has spent time as a party planner for the past several years. Donna is currently working with Beth through this transition period.

Beth can be reached by email at:

Beth Owens
6 Wild Thistle Lane
Savannah, GA 31406

Best regards,
Vincent Martin
The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Georgia