March 21, 2019

Dear Georgia Society Members:

We had an excellent Annual Meeting in Savannah on February 22-24, 2019.

Jepson Meeting Room

Third Floor Renovation: The highlight of the meeting was holding it on the newly renovated third floor of the Harper Fowlkes House. Once again, we had record attendance and would not have been able to fit into our old meeting room on the second floor. Three committees held meetings in the new conference room and the membership meeting was held in the 60 seat Jepson Meeting Room which is named after our member Bob Jepson, Jr. The meeting was live streamed to the old meeting room on the second floor for members who could not climb the stairs to the third floor. Future meetings will be available for viewing live online and they will also be available on the GA Society web site for future viewing.

Conference Room

Generous Donors: The third floor renovation would not have been possible without the very generous $75,000 gift from Bob Jepson and the gifts of the other 40 members that raised an additional $75,000. If you would like to make a gift to support the project, please send a check to Society of the Cincinnati, 230 Barnard Street, Savannah, GA 31401. There are several more items on the third floor that we will undertake when the funds become available.

Thank you Vincent: Having our own space that we can use, furnish and decorate as we like is going to make a huge difference for the Georgia Society. A special thanks also goes to our Immediate Past President Vincent Martin for his leadership in making this project happen. We also owe Vincent thanks for making our Saturday night banquet FUN. Gone are boring speeches. We now have excellent food, fast service and an lively band resulting in a lot of members dancing!

Bedroom for visiting

Election of officers: The following officers were elected:

Terry Honan – President

Will Sheftall III – Vice President

Andrew Jones – Treasurer

John Stephenson – Secretary

Peter Wright – Assistant Secretary

Vincent Martin III – Immediate Past President

John Sheftall – Genealogists

Preston Russell – Historian

Bobby Logan – Chaplain

Counsel – Ty Butler

McCabe Scholarship Winners: Once again we received excellent essays from our McCabe Scholarship Applicants. The Gordon B. Smith essay winners were: First Place Kate Groce, Second Place Sam LeHardy, Third Place McKay Sheftall and Fourth Place Jane Eliza Chisolm.

Death of Leland Park: The Georgia Society suffered a great loss with the death of Leland Park on February 13, 2019. Leland, who joined the Society in 1965, will be greatly missed by his many friends.

Adamson and Owens: Donna Adamson, who has been the Director of the Harper Fowlkes House for the last fifteen years recently announced she is retiring at the end of March. Beth Owens, the Georgia Society Executive Director, also announced that she is also leaving in March due to the ill health of her parents. Donna and Beth both received a thank you gift and special recognition at the Annual Meeting for the outstanding job they have done for the Society.

Coastal Heritage Society: The Trustees of the Harper Fowlkes House entered into an agreement with the Coastal Heritage Society (CHS) on March 13th to manage the operation of the Harper Fowlkes House. CHS will not be handling the Georgia Society administrative duties that were being handled by Beth Owens. If you have any questions that you would have previously communicated with Beth about, please contact me or Will Sheftall for assistance.

Outreach Committee: We have started a new committee with 12 members, the Outreach Committee, with Nick Valencia serving as Chairman. The purpose of the committee will be to improve the communication within the Society with the hope of increasing membership involvement in the various activities of the Society. Over the last ten years, half of our members have attended one meeting or less; 42 have not attended any meetings. We want feedback from members as to what would make our members more likely at attend meetings and for those that cannot attend, we want to keep them better informed about the Society. You should be getting a call in the coming weeks from an Outreach Committee member. Share your thoughts with them.

Georgia Society Web Site: We continue to get compliments from members about the Georgia Society web site. There is a lot of information available on the site. If you have not visited the site, please take a look. The address is: The password to get into the “Member’s Section” is: sotcGA. The password is case sensitive.

Philadelphia Triennial: The Triennial will be held in Philadelphia on May 9 – 12, 2019. All members and their spouses are invited to attend. To register online go to: www.regonline/2019triennial.

Fall Meeting at Anderson House: For the first time in sixteen years, the Georgia Society will be holding its Fall Meeting at Anderson House in Washington, DC. The meeting will be on October 18 – 20, 2019. We will go out to dinner as a group Friday evening, have a business meeting Saturday morning followed by a special tour of Mount Vernon and a tour of Anderson House. Saturday night we will have a black tie dinner dance in the ballroom at Anderson House. It should be a fun weekend and if you have not seen the newly renovated Georgia Suite, this is your chance. Registration information for the weekend is attached.

Six generations of my family have been members of the Georgia Society. It means a great deal to me that you have honored me by electing me to be your new President. We have a lot planned for the Georgia Society over the next three years. I hope you will be a part of it.


Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Georgia

Terry Honan