May 17, 2016

Dear Georgia Society Members,

The Society of Cincinnati held its 2016 Triennial on May 4-8 in Alexandria and Williamsburg, Virginia. Although rain somewhat dampened the scheduled events on Thursday and Friday, every one of the attendees enjoyed the activities hosted by the Virginia Society. The Georgia Society was well represented by our delegates, alternates, and other members.

We were welcomed with a tour on Wednesday of the National Museum of the Marine Corps and a tour of Mount Vernon. A wonderful reception and dinner was held that evening on the East lawn at Mount Vernon with over 400 members attending. Every time I visit Mount Vernon, I am reminded that this was the site where George Washington received many political leaders, foreign dignitaries and other visitors for the 6 years after the war ended and before he became the first president. The capital actually moved three times during that period and was often described as a “Capital on wheels”.

We traveled on Thursday to Colonial Williamsburg and the members stayed at the Williamsburg Inn or the Lodge. The Georgia Society members met for cocktails at the Inn prior to the evening’s planned reception and dinner. The members had a chance to visit and meet our new member Carey Gilbert and his wife Patty from Birmingham.

After the morning meeting on Friday, everyone rode the buses to Yorktown for a lunch and tour of the battlefield where the American and French forces defeated Cornwallis. The significant course of events that led up to this all important victory was discussed during a lecture at lunch. From early August to a narrow window of time ending the last week of October, Washington moved his 8,000 troops from New York (at 3 miles an hour which was as fast as the oxen would walk) to meet up with Admiral de Grasse’s naval fleet at Yorktown. The siege and eventual surrender of 7,000 British troops was the last major land battle before the war finally ended 3 years later.

At the Saturday meeting, the state societies reported on their activities over the past 3 years. I reported on the meetings, tours and other events held at the Harper Fowlkes house, the successes of the Warner McCabe scholarships and our renovation plans for the Georgia room at Anderson House. At the end of the meeting President General Ross Perry turned the leadership of the Society of the Cincinnati over to Jonathan Woods. At the formal banquet held Saturday evening at the Lodge, Ross Perry pinned the original diamond eagle that Washington wore as our first President General on Jonathan Woods. The 550 members in attendance enjoyed a full evening of dining and dancing.

The next Triennial is in May of 2019 in Philadelphia. This meeting will be important to attend as we get closer to co-hosting the 2025 Triennial in Paris with the French Society.

I have also enclosed the Committee assignments for the coming year. If you would like to serve on a committee, it is not too late. Please let me know what you would be interested in doing. We need every member to be involved as much as they can.

Listening to the other state society reports, there are a lot of opportunities for us to consider in pursuing the purposes of our society. I look forward to sharing them with you.

Please mark your calendars to attend our fall meeting the weekend of October 7-8, 2016 and our Annual Meeting February 18-20, 2017.

Best regards,
Vincent Martin
The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Georgia