Welcome to the home of The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Georgia!

The Society of the Cincinnati is the nation’s oldest patriotic organization. It was founded in 1783 by the officers of the Continental Army and their French counterparts who served together in the American Revolution. George Washington was the first President of the Society.

Now in its third century, with over four thousand members, The Society of the Cincinnati is composed of thirteen state societies, one for each of the thirteen original states, and a French Society.

Membership in the Society is held today by a single male descendant of a commissioned officer of the Continental Army. Members belong to the state society of the state that issued their Revolutionary War ancestor’s commission.

The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Georgia was organized in Savannah, GA on August 13, 1783 by officers of the Georgia Continental Line, whose descendants constitute the present membership. The Society’s mission is to promote knowledge of the American Revolution and to foster fellowship among its members.