Morningstars of Liberty

Gordon Burns Smith’s Morningstars of Liberty Series of Books

With the 2006 publication of his two book volume, Morningstars of Liberty series, distinguished lawyer, decorated military veteran and preeminent author, Gordon Burns Smith, created the definitive source for information about the American Revolution in Georgia and biographical information about commissioned Continental officers originally from Georgia and about those Continental officers who became adoptive sons of Georgia.  

For several years, Gordon Burns Smith was an esteemed member of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Georgia.  He tirelessly dedicated himself to illuminating others about the events involving Georgia in the Revolutionary War and about the heroes of the War who hailed from Georgia and those who retired to Georgia after illustrious service in other Continental regiments.

We are indebted to Compatriot Smith for his monumental contributions not only to our Georgia Society, but also for his significant historical publications about the role that Georgia and her Continental officers, native and adoptive, played in our War for Independence. 

To purchase Gordon Burns Smith’s Morningstars of Liberty: The Revolutionary War in Georgia 1775-1783, Volume One and/or his Morningstars of Liberty: Georgia’s Continental Officers During the Revolutionary War 1775-1783, Volume Two, please click on this link,, to be taken to the Boyd Publishing Co. webpage from which you can order either or both books. 

Also, please be sure to check back frequently to this page or to to learn more about the upcoming publication of the third volume of the Morningstars of Liberty series, by Gordon Burns Smith, which shall focus on  Georgia’s Continental Soldiers and the fourth volume on the history of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Georgia.