Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision of The Society of the Cincinnati

In 2006, the Society of the Cincinnati adopted a Strategic Vision enumerating the strategies through which this generation of Society leaders is working to fulfill the mandate of the founders to perpetuate the memory of the Revolutionary War, its heroes, and the enduring principles for which they fought.

The Society’s Strategic Vision defines seven priorities:

  • The Society maintains a leading, extensive, and accessible library of printed and manuscript materials used by scholars from around the world as the basis for publications on the Revolutionary War.
  • The Society produces and promotes outreach educational programs and products to improve teaching on the American Revolution and particularly the Revolutionary War.
  • The Society cultivates the memory of the heroes of the Revolutionary War and brotherly affection among its members through programs and events at Anderson House and throughout the United States and France.
  • The Society maintains a collection of Revolutionary War and Society artifacts and makes them accessible to the public through exhibitions.
  • The Society sponsors major lectures and promotes scholarship on the American Revolution.
  • The Society advocates the preservation of major historic places and artifacts associated with the American Revolution and the public recognition of the heroes of the Revolutionary War.
  • The Society maintains its headquarters at Anderson House, one of the great mansions of Washington, D.C., a visible symbol of the Society, the center of our historic fellowship, and one of the city’s finest public attractions.